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Written and Narrated by Pam Younghans

Current and previous weeks astrological overviews

Astrological Overview: April 15 - 21, 2024

Astrologer Pam Younghans writes this weekly astrological journal based on planetary influences, and offers perspectives and insights to assist you in making the best use of current energies. This column is not intended as prediction. Your own experience will be more specifically defined by transits to your personal chart.

Aspects of Note this Week:

All times listed are Pacific Standard Time. For Eastern Time, add 3 hours; Add 7 hours for Universal Time (UT), but add 8 hours for BST.

Monday: Mercury conjunct Chiron
Tuesday: Mercury square Ceres, Mars sextile Ceres
Wednesday: Venus conjunct North Node
Thursday: No major aspects are exact today
Friday: Mercury conjunct Venus, Sun enters Taurus, Mars sextile Jupiter, Mars sextile Uranus, Sun semisquare Saturn
Saturday: Jupiter conjunct Uranus
Sunday: Venus conjunct Chiron, Sun square Pluto


BREAKTHROUGHS & AWAKENINGS: The long-awaited Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is exact this week! This alignment was one of the reasons I entitled my last webinar "Breakthroughs & Awakenings," based on the potential manifestations of these two planets working together.

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As Jupiter, the largest planet of our known solar system, joins forces with sideways-spinning Uranus, almost anything is possible, and in amplified form: breakthroughs, new inventions and technological developments, sudden insights and inspirations, protests and rebellions, and more. Essentially, visionary Jupiter is magnifying the areas of our experience ruled by Uranus, and extremist Uranus is revolutionizing those areas ruled by Jupiter.

The list of possible manifestations is endless and perhaps pointless; as always when paradigm-breaking Uranus is involved, as soon as we try to predict anything, something else is more apt to occur — simply because the tilted planet likes to surprise us. But we can gain some insights into the potentials by seeing what has happened during previous Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions.

FROM THE HISTORY BOOKS: Jupiter and Uranus align every 13 to 14 years, although in a different sign each time. Here are a few examples of the types of technological developments that have occurred at their conjunctions:

  • Galileo Galilei demonstrated his new telescope (1609)
  • The first gasoline-propelled vehicle was unveiled (1886)
  • The Wright brothers conducted their experiments with gliders (1899-1901)
  • Pilot Charles Lindbergh made his historic flight from New York to Paris (1927)
  • The first "talkie" motion picture, The Jazz Singer, premiered (1927)
  • The first U.S. astronauts landed on the Moon (1969)
  • The first working model of the personal computer was introduced (1969)
  • Scottish scientists announced their cloning of Dolly the sheep (1997)
  • The first 24-hour flight was taken in a solar-powered plane (2010)

THE TAURUS EFFECT: This year, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is occurring in Taurus, so we would expect to see surprising developments involving financial matters and the working class (ruled by Taurus). In 1941, the last time these two planets aligned in the sign of The Bull, the number of workers involved in labor strikes in the U.S. was greater than any other year except 1919. In keeping with that theme, it is interesting to note that during 2023, while Jupiter and Uranus were co-habiting Taurus but not yet conjunct, Hollywood writers and actors, auto workers, nurses, hospitality workers, and many other occupational groups went on strike, all demanding better wages and improved benefits.

A quick scan of today's headlines shows that doctors in Kenya and in South Korea are on strike; steelworkers at the UK’s largest production plant have just voted to go on strike; Germany's main railway operator is reaching an agreement with the union after five months of strikes and negotiations, and thousands of people are protesting in Chile's capital in support of a nationwide strike called by trade unions. 

VALUES & SPIRITUAL BELIEFS: Jupiter, ruler of belief systems, and Uranus, ruler of social progress and individual rights, were also behind other significant developments in 1941, the year that the U.S. entered World War II. During that year, religious groups became involved in human rights in ways that they had not before. They protested the segregation of blacks in the military, criticized the government for the unjust incarceration of Japanese Americans on the West Coast, and initiated ministries in the internment camps to relieve the suffering of those held captive. In an interesting side note, the number of Japanese American students attending church-related colleges rose significantly during the war as a result of the support received (Jupiter also rules higher education).

In current day, as another sign of this Jupiter-Uranus effect, increasing numbers of people identify themselves as being "spiritual, not religious." Many people, especially Millennials, are breaking with their family's religious tradition, leaving the churches they grew up in. And, more and more people are drawn to metaphysical (Uranian) ideas such as channeling, consciousness expansion, and mediumship.

COSMIC INTERVENTION: An exciting part of this week's Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (at 21°49´Taurus) is that it occurs within one degree of the fixed star Beta Doradus (at 22°23´ Taurus), thus activating and magnifying the qualities associated with the star. Here's a list of those qualities, from astrologer Roderick Kidston in his book Magic of the Stars:

  • Opportunities open up magically
  • Material benefits accrue
  • Instincts are sound
  • Extreme events, big upheavals before big gains
  • Core faith and grit enable meeting challenges head-on, emerging better and stronger

Also this week, timed to exactly coincide with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, the comet Pons-Brooks enters Taurus on April 20 and is at peak brightness and closest proximity to the Sun on April 21. Since antiquity, astrologers have linked comets with major changes on Earth, revelations and innovative ideas, and unexpected events that alter our individual and collective awareness.

CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION: My favorite part of this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is that Uranus is the planetary representative of the Higher Mind and thus is involved in the process of consciousness expansion. Although we have experienced other alignments between these two planets, we are at a unique time in human history, and many people are more open to higher frequencies than have been for centuries or longer.

Just as many of us are able to sense the energies of solar flares in ways that we did not during the last Solar Maximum, and many more people are opening to metaphysical concepts these days, humanity will likely also be more in tune with the higher potentials of this Jupiter-Uranus alignment than we have been in the past. This is a great week to go on spiritual retreat, to spend time connecting with star energies in meditation, and to be open to the higher-level information, insights, and energies that are available. Enjoy the ride!

THIS WEEK'S ASPECTS: Here are my brief interpretations of this week's most important planetary aspects: 
Mercury (R) conjunct Chiron: This may be a good time for a heart-to-heart talk or to journal about issues that have recently come up. This aspect supports inner work to heal the wounds that have resulted from not feeling heard or understood.
Mercury (R) square Ceres, Mars sextile Ceres: Conversations may be uncomfortable today due to old family or childhood issues that can be triggered. But we also have the courage to address our concerns directly.
Venus conjunct North Node: The focus today is on finding a healthy balance between self and other. Progress can be made in shifting a relationship dynamic.
No major aspects are exact today.
Mercury (R) conjunct Venus: Conversations flow more easily, as we are able to speak directly from the heart.
Sun enters Taurus: While the Sun travels through Taurus, from April 19 to May 20 this year, we may prefer to live life more simply and in harmony with nature. We are drawn to experiences that delight the physical senses: beauty in all its forms, our favorite music, delicious food, familiar scents, and physical touch. However, we may also be less willing to go outside our comfort zone or can be stubbornly attached to old habits.
Mars sextile Jupiter, Mars sextile Uranus: Mars is activating tomorrow's Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, so we may see some interesting and exciting events unfolding today. Be open to the possibilities!
Sun semisquare Saturn: Beneath the excitement, we may be feeling some fear or pessimism. Breathing deeply and connecting with Mother Earth can help us feel grounded and safe.
Jupiter conjunct Uranus: The Sabian symbol for the 22nd degree of Taurus, where this alignment occurs, inspires hope for the future of humanity. The image for this degree is: "A white dove flying over troubled waters: The spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis."
Venus conjunct Chiron: Relationships can experience healing today, but the process will take patience and a willingness to look at the fears behind the anger.
Sun square Pluto: Feelings are strong as we adjust to the changes that are occurring. Our ability to let go of attachments is challenged.



You are challenged this year to release attachment to old forms, habits, and traditions. As you experience this cleansing process, you will encounter and become acquainted with a more empowered version of yourself. Your sense of your higher mission is also likely to strengthen, as you face and transmute the fears that have held you back. You are supported by the universe in claiming your truth and your passion. (Solar Return Sun square Pluto, conjunct Eris)


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